I build sustainable marketing capacities that contribute to the success of greater causes. I am a proactive, service-oriented, lead-by-example, visionary leader. I offer proven leadership and initiative in areas including marketing program development and project management, creative development, fiscal  management, strategic and visionary planning, research and analytics, organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and building great teams and systems to accomplish extraordinary work.

Alright, now that you know I can wax eloquent with the best of them, let me tell you what I’ve really learned about myself in the past few years. First, I love building things. Whether designing a piece of print, building a website, developing marketing strategies, growing companies, pushing out a new product, or building furniture in my workshop, I love to build. I love to see things and people grow and succeed…

Which brings me to my second point. I love helping others win. Don’t get me wrong; I create fantastic work on my own, but you’ll get my best results from letting me collaborate with other talented people. I love to win, but I really enjoy being part of a team, going after a goal together, and absolutely hitting it out of the park.

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