In 2013-14, Fowler Precision in collaboration with Homer Eaton developed an industry-shifting new product. They called it the zCAT. It is a portable coordinate measuring machine. After years of development, they were ready to bring it to market, and they engaged Cosgrove Partners to develop the launch plan and execute it.

After an assessment and familiarization with the product, industry, and competition, I developed a product launch plan. Then, I started working on a brand for the zCAT.


After many concepts and revisions, we landed on a simple, easy to use, square based mark that really embraced the “Z”. In addition, I decided to lead the “Z” with a dot to resemble the probe tip found on the machine. With this dot and following “Z”, there is a nice sense of movement which also connects to the use of the machine.


I also put together some print collateral and worked with the manufacturer to provide the product design.

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