US Agg Website Mockup

US Aggregates built their first website in the 1990s and didn’t update it until 2014. Needless to say, there was a lot of work to be done, but leadership was on board and ready for the process. We were able to use much of the preliminary assessment and branding work to lay the foundation for the information architecture and copy of the site.

We identified 8 target markets to which US Aggregates sold and composed carefully crafted copy to address each one, using language that is familiar to the industry and pointing out the value that US Aggregates provides for that specific customer.


I also built several custom, interactive tools that enhanced the everyday operations of the business. I built a landing page for each quarry location with current aggregate availability and contact info, a master library of aggregate products, and an aggregate calculator that converts to a quote request form and now cultivates several warm leads per day.

This project also required professional photography. After securing a photographer, we discussed the needs for the website and strategized a plan for shooting product photography for rocks. Execution was flawless, and US Aggregates now has some of the industry’s best product photography including relative sizing information.

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