Using the data gathered from the situational analysis, I started the new Trinity by setting site objectives with the Trinity team and defining a comprehensive information architecture. For this site, I devised a segmentation strategy that would drive customers to specific landing pages based on their industry and haul material (ex: Agriculture: corn OR Recycling: Green Waste), leading them to a specialized Trailer Configurator form that generates warm leads.

The home screen is super clean with beautiful, engaging video. It’s very easy to navigate, initially presenting only the most frequented sections of the site: Products, Service, and Parts.


Scrolling down the home page, the user is presented with the primary segmentation options, visually separated by six large, colorful sections with further segmentation processed by the buttons they contain. The pages beyond these buttons have very creative, targeted messaging to drive them to specific appropriate landing pages.

Finally, the bottom of the home page provides links to the rest of the site including specific product landing pages, the service department pages, the online parts store, buying and financing sections, and of course, many ways to make contact.


The Trinity website is full of creative, targeted messaging, carefully crafted traffic funnels, custom functionality that enhance daily business operations, and many opportunities to engage the user. To pull all of this off, we curated some incredible photography and video. Check it out next.

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