This is one of the coolest websites I’ve been a part of. In helping bring the zCAT to market for Fowler Precision, a website was a high priority. The zCAT was a new product, new for the industry, and I wanted to create something that would engage customers, much like the zCAT itself, something that they had never experienced before.

I proposed a concept that involved an animation-based site that would tell the story of the zCAT rather than simply provide a linear scrolling experience like most other sites. What we accomplished is really neat, and you really need to visit the site to experience it for yourself. Response was incredible and the zCAT hit the market with a big impact.

This project involved the identification and management of a designer, development team, and animator. I acquired and managed all relationships and coordinated between the teams. I specifically architected the site, composed copy, provided some design. The following is the final animation used for the website.

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