Envirocatch’s inventor came to Cosgrove Partners looking for help to get his idea to market. They had done some minimal prototyping but still needed a lot of operational, process development, branding, marketing, and sales preparation to prepare to scale.

The Envirocatch is used to catch, contain, and absorb oil and fuel leaks, spills, and drips. In designing this identity, I used a classic shape, visually mimicking the product, while adding the dark drop to the center to represent the oil and fuel catching function. I used a modern, approachable, semi bold, sans serif font to compliment the soft edges of the mark.


I was in charge of not only branding and marketing for this project, but for material sourcing and manufacturing as well. I found the best suppliers (often researching new/different products from the originally speced items), trialed and secured manufacturers, domestically and internationally, and negotiated rates and terms with all of them.

I also prepared market and competitive research, cash flow and P&L forecasts, built a website, and optimized manufacturing scheduling and order submission.

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