Over the past five years, AMPG has evolved a lot, and it was up to me to translate that evolution to the brand. AMPG is an honest, family owned company built on relationships. As they continue to grow though, they are learning to become more strategic, consistent, and scalable.

As we approached this rebrand, I knew we wanted a much cleaner, minimal, refined look – something that communicated the understated beauty of the the parts we manufacture. After many sketching and mocking up several concepts, AMPG chose probably the most minimal one presented.


It’s been in use for two years now, and as it is becoming more and more familiar to our customers, we’ve been able to simplify more by dropping the “name” of the company next to the mark. Where we used to be known as “Accurate” or “Accurate Products” or “Accurate Products Group” or “Accurate Manufactured Products Group,” we’re finally achieving the “AMPG” status we have been chasing since the launch of the new brand. This has simplified and elevated our brand status, and we’re a much more prominent presence at tradeshows than we’ve been in year’s past.

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