As I’ve helped AMPG move it catalog online, customers are becoming more familiar with finding what they need online, and on AMPG’s website. As such, the need to send print catalogs is diminishing. This is good for many reasons – environmental impact (they’re big catalogs: 18k+ parts), postage savings, etc.

When we visit with customers or see them at shows, we still wanted to be able to hand them something and talk through our different product lines.

I designed this “look book” as a double gate fold brochure (34″x8.5″ – three folds) that presents AMPG, the brand, with a beautiful picture of some of their parts, quick contact info on the front and back. As you open it up, you experience a full page spread between the two inner panels of a very high quality photo of more parts, a quick description of the company and our 20 year accolade. Last, as you open up the two inner panels, you see four pages wide of different product lines organized into a grid with a representative image and supporting optional specs.

This piece has gone over very well with customer and does a very nice job of representing the online catalog in a print form.

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