AMPG has built their catalog of 18,000 parts over the past 20 years, and until 2014, it had always been a print catalog. While they had tried to digitize it in year’s past, previous teams had failed.

Knowing that offering AMPG’s parts online was not a questions of when, but how, I accepted the challenge shortly after engaging as their marketing leader. After months of planning and organizing data, I was ready to begin working with a development team to build the application I had designed to interface with AMPG’s website.

The new application has an import tool to accept CSVs, reporting tools, and data management capacities that allow AMPG to maintain greater control and consistency in their enormous database of information and part specs.

AMPG prints only 10% of the catalogs they used to two years ago, and they are managing the parts catalog via the online web application now. Customer are also enjoying finding their parts online. Web traffic has steadily increased over the past two years, and we are seeing a 25% increase in custom quotes every month.

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