One of the first project I took on with Cosgrove Partners was the redesign of the AgeSuccessfully website. The old website had limited functionality, was cluttered, and did not invite the user to explore.

Being that this site was for an older demographic, I kept images and text large, buttons easy to find and click, and the messages relate (grandkids, travelling, retirement, etc). I decided to take a semi-one-page approach, presenting the main sales presentation as a long scroll on the home page.  Subsequent pages contain more details.

We now offer corporate fitness and needed a way to segment the website and visitors appropriately. I decided to use a home page pop up that uses a cookie to remember the user’s selection to direct visitors to the appropriate site.

Shortly after the public website was launched, I built an intranet for franchise owners and coaches. It included general news and announcements, forums to facilitate community learning and discussion, and the training and certification system. It also housed the ecommerce platform for stores to order their supplement stock (we private labeled several lines and called it AS Complete).

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