The Agape website is one of my favorite sites, not necessarily because of the design, but because of how it performs. We literally have story after story of people all over the nation who have found us online, loved the website and the stories it tells, and donates thousands of dollars.

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When I began the new site (it’s about due again as of the time of this writing in 2016), I wanted to be very clear about segmenting visitors to the correct page(s) of the site. I decided to keep the number of pages down, but treat each one as its own landing page, one for riders, volunteers, and donors.

The home page introduces the three segments in addition to Agape’s mission and vision, and teases some programs, offers of stories and testimonials and helps direct you deeper into the site. The site definitely has too much to talk about from event splash pages to an online store, you need to check it out for yourself!

Overall, this site performs really well with steady increases in traffic, form conversions (there are over 40 of them), low bounce rates, high event conversions, etc. They are a leader in their industry, especially online, and rider sign ups and donations continue to increase every month.

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