FULL DISCLOSURE: My wife, Amanda, is the Executive Director of Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources.

Agape is an amazing organization that provides hope and therapy for at-risk youth, people with special needs, and seniors through unique horse experiences. When Amanda accepted the position of Executive Director of Agape several years ago, Agape was working through a hard time and bad culture. She worked hard to repair relationships, help others heal, re-engage the community, and revamp programs.

I soon couldn’t help getting involved, and knew that Agape’s brand needed refreshed just as much as the culture did.


After much analysis and discussion, we chose the cleanest, most minimal option and went with an overlapping pair of abstract horseshoes that made a heart. We also updated and defined the rest of the identity including colors, type, media styles, textures and patterns, and supporting visual elements.


I also developed a suite of print collateral to support the new brand. In addition to these elements was also program brochures, volunteer rack cards, mission/vision cards, and more.


In 2016, Agape is celebrating its 30th year anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, we developed a couple of identity extensions to use tastefully throughout the year.

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